brewed coffee

Chronic Town features roasts from Little Amps, an award-winning boutique roaster in Harrisburg, PA, as well as a local roast from W.C. Clarke's. All of our brewed coffee is french-pressed to ensure a quality, full-bodied cup. In addition, we offer pour-overs by the cup for those who prefer a lighter, cleaner taste.

espresso drinks

Offering a full selection of espresso drinks, our menu contains everything from double-shots of espresso, to lattes and iced americanos. We also feature a seasonal menu so that you can enjoy unique and creative beverages in any type of weather.

Local tea

On our shelf sits a variety of delicious teas created and blended right here in Happy Valley by Pantheon Tea's beverage master, Sc'Eric Horner. Served both hot and cold, these specialty blends are sure to please even the most finicky tea connoisseur.  To-go bags of this local tea are also available upon request.


Rock 'n' roll themed smoothies are Chronic Town's secret weapon. Made with certified organic and vegan ingredients, there's nowhere else that offer smoothies as tasty and affordable as these. "Blueberry Hill," "Peaches 'n' Cream," "Raspberry Beret," or a "Strawberry Alarm Clock" and see what the fuss is about.

Juice & soda

Let any of our fruit juices, organic lemonades, or sodas quench your thirst. We have many delicious options of 100% real juice, and several of our specialty sodas are produced right here in central Pennsylvania. There is no high fructose corn syrup in any of Chronic Town's beverages.

Floats & Shakes

Enjoy your favorite soda poured over any of our various ice cream flavors. Try a classic root or ginger beer float made with Otto's local brew and Meyer Dairy vanilla ice cream, or customize it to your liking. And don't forget: Chronic Town is the ONLY spot in central PA that offers incredible-tasting vegan milkshakes.