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x-men (LE)

In X-Men pinball, players join in the ultimate battle of the mutants as they help gather their favorite X-Men to fight against their infamous enemies. The machine features a Blackbird ball launcher and special game modes that recreate the most exciting events in the X-Men universe. The game uses two large, 3D molded toys representing Wolverine and Magneto, a playfield magnet in front of the evil Magneto himself, 3 flippers, 2 molded super speed ramps, 3 pop bumpers, multiple targets including a Magneto ball locking feature, and much more that will keep players coming back for more.

Game of thrones (Premium)

Packed with features and toys that provide an irresistible challenge to play against kings, knights, knaves and dragons, each player can choose to be a Knight of the Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell, or Tyrell family Houses, and pick other Houses to battle. Game of Thrones actor Sandor Clegane (The Hound) guides the player throughout the game with authenticity and strong presence. The goal of the game is to rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros.


The walking dead (Pro)

Featuring everything fans would want in a flesh-eating pinball world, players fight to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside series icon, Sheriff Rick Grimes, by battling zombies and completing various game missions. The game includes multiple zombie toys for adrenaline-filled zombie battles at familiar locations from the show such as the Prison and Cell Block C. A brilliant high-definition zombie-filled art package heightens the player's excitement.


metallica (Pro)

The newest addition to the iconic Stern collection of rock and roll machines honors one of the word's foremost rock bands. Metallica's notoriously fast tempos and aggressive musicianship sets the tone for an exciting player experience. Players will be able to bang their heads and their flippers to 12 classic Metallica hits including "Master of Puppets," "One" and "Fade to Black." Other action-packed game features include an electric chair, snake, grave marker and unparalleled magnetic action.


twilight zone

Following the huge success of The Addams Family pinball game, Midway gave Pat Lawlor full control over the design of his next game, and the result is an unusually complex machine. Among its noted features include a working gumball machine (which deposits balls), a working analog clock (used as a timer for various modes), and the "Powerball", which is a white ball that is lighter than a regular steel ball and is non-magnetic.         


the hobbit (LE)

When you spot The Hobbit pinball at Chronic Town, it will look different than any other machine. The backglass of The Hobbit, a space normally reserved for scorekeeping reels or rudimentary orange dot matrix displays, is a lively, animated LCD screen with CG scenes, animations, and movie clips from Peter Jackson's trilogy. Join Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorn, and company, and experience epic battles against Ork, evil spiders, cave trolls, and the great and powerful Smaug. The hobbit features over 32 interactive game modes, 6 high scoring multiballs, 3 epic wizard modes, and over 1000 call-outs!

scared stiff

Starring horrorshow-hostess Elvira, as a follow-up to 1989's 'Elvira and the Party Monsters', players have to go through the Six Tales of Terror to level-up the Stiff-O-Meter. The interactive backbox contains a player-controlled spinning spider which is used to collect unique features and start special modes. Scared Stiff is truly a Chronic Town classic!


the wizard of oz (LE)

Jersey Jack brings the classic pinball machine into the 21st Century, with a ground breaking LCD monitor that immerses players with visual scenes, ever-changing animations, videos and player scores, plus its larger "wide-body" style playfield that comes with special multicolored LED playfield, Cabinet and Topper Lighting. All amazingly cycle through thousands of different color combinations during gameplay which will surely mesmerize both players and spectators alike!


Rob zombie's spookshow int'l

One of only 300 machines worldwide, Rob Zombie's Spookshow International includes 10 classic Zombie songs and custom speech by the artist himself. "The Devil's Rejects" actor Sid Haig and Zombie's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, have also lent their voices to the machine. There are also references to Zombie's films, such as Captain Spaulding's fried chicken and gas station, as part of the machine's landscape. The machine is powered by an all-in-one board.


ghostbusters (premium)

The Ghostbusters pinball experience highlights the humor of the film as the player progresses through the game. The game also includes custom speech by original "Ghostbusters" cast member, Ernie Hudson, who guides the player into becoming the newest member of the team! Ghostbusters pinball features a moving interactive Slimer toy target and a fresh distinctive layoutthat integrates traditional pinball devices with unique multifunction two-way ramps, a magnetic diverter, and scoring switches.


the lord of the rings

The greatest adventure of all time is now a pinball machine for all ages. Featuring exciting elements from all three box office hits, the goal of LOTR pinball is to collect the Elf Rings, Dwarf Rings, and the mortal men rings, thereby forming The One Ring. Then you must destroy The One Ring through collecting all three movies. This machine offers non-stop action at its best in the form of multiple mechanisms including a pivoting Balrog toy that reveals a ramp leading to The One Ring.


family guy

Featuring exclusive never before heard phrases, Seth McFarlane offers up plenty of hysterical lines as Peter, Brian, Stewie, and other characters from the show. Additional features of the game include: character figures of each of the six Griffin family members; a Patriot Ale can with a Brian Griffin toy standing on top that can be struck by the ball; two captive pinballs, which spell out PINBALL when struck; and plenty of multi-ball features.                                     

bram stoker's Dracula

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, this game is characterized by its unusual blood-red DMD display (most other games at the time used orange for their color), as well as 'Multi-Multi-Ball' mode, where up to three multi-ball variations can be active at the same time. It also features a unique twist on the usual multi-ball mode known as 'Mist Multi-Ball', where a magnet drags a pinball across the playfield and the player is required to knock it loose.


pirates of the caribbean

For those fans of the movies, this machine features exciting elements from the first movie, as well as box office record-breaking sequel Dead Man's Chest. The game adapts the characters and settings from the first two films perfectly into a pinball playfield. The goal is to go on a pirate adventure to defeat Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow's nemesis in Dead Man's Chest. The game showcases both a mechanical pirate ship and mechanical treasure chests.