record store

The Music Underground, Chronic Town's in-house, full-service, independent record store stocks the largest selection of new vinyl in all of Central Pennsylvania! We specialize in all the various sub-genres of rock and roll, and our in-store catalogue is full of timeless classics and current releases from critically-acclaimed contemporary artists.

special orders

While The Music Underground strives to anticipate the tastes and wants of our loyal customers, unfortunately, we can't stock every record that's released on vinyl. As such, we make special ordering one of our top priorities each week. We've fostered a wide network of distributors, labels, online shops, and crate-diggers, and we'll do our best to find that LP or CD you've been looking for.


The Music Underground is the only repair shop between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia that focuses on turntable and stereo component maintenance. There's very little our experienced technician can't fix, and, for a small deposit, your equipment can be diagnosed and you will be professionally advised on whether to repair or invest in new equipment. We also offer upgrades, second-hand sales, and turntable tune-ups.